Meditation is

profound deep peace

thoughtless awareness

slowing our active mind

calm, silent yet completely alert

focus on being present in the moment

effortlessly in the now, not the past or future


Meditate Australia 2016

Best Free Guided Meditation Australia

Find the Best Free Guided Meditation in Australia – so you can learn meditation at home.  An introduction to meditation is not complete without sharing the best free meditation guide.  

meditation introduction Australia 2016

Meditate in your own home and discover inner peace, serenity, calm and stress free lifestyle.  Whilst meditation and the ability to meditate offers a great way to learn your inner secrets, it requires a skill and discipline that you learn and cultivate over time.

Meditation Research

Benefits of Meditation are that it is a relaxation technique, it helps with dealing with anxiety, stress management, spiritual awakening and personal development.  I have put together a few free downloads on the research that proves meditation is a powerful tool for coping with stress, pain self-regulation and stress reduction.

You can find the full meditation research resources here.  If you are looking for the best free guided meditation Australia, don’t forget there are plenty of free resources available.  Getting started on your meditation journey should be about access and availability.  Here is a great research paper on the benefits of meditation as an essential part of a successful career.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Mindfulness is a key plank of the benefits of Best Free Guided Meditation Australia.  Mindfulness is the practice of intentionally focusing on the present moment, accepting and non judgmentally paying attention to the sensations, thoughts and emotions that arise. Mindfulness is great for students under study stress too.

research meditation

Mindfulness Meditation and Mindfulness based cognitive therapy are highly accessible – which means they are the easiest ways for beginners to enter into the meditation state.  Although personally, I tend to find that new people are most easily led into meditation through guided meditation – like those you will find on this site at best free guided meditation Australia.

Mindfulness based meditation is wildly popular amongst the scientific community for proven health benefits – like stress reduction, overcoming anxiety, and dealing with pain and suffering.  Here is a powerful Benefits of Meditation research paper demonstrating the findings on the effectiveness of mindfulness based cognitive therapy.

Meditation is a Journey

Most of all, have fun and don’t take meditation too seriously!  nothing quite dampens enthusiasm like a life or death approach!  Meditation is a particularly revealing practice, as for all external indicators – it appears you are doing nothing, just sitting there.  But in fact, you are exercising deep self mastery and self growth and learning about yourself.  

Meditation is about limits and growth and patience – allowing yourself to slowly evolve over time and explore your inner strength.  Please give yourself the opportunity to become more familiar with meditation – every single person who invests in meditation for 30 days in a row comes away changed.